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Future International and National Events 2019-


Updated on 20 January 2019

Entries added or changed during the current month are shown in bold face.

·  Canceled, delayed, postponed, or suspended.



2019 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Annual Economic Leaders' Meeting in Chile.

2019 Group of Seven (G7) Summit in Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantiques Department, France (10 June 2018).

2019 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation: 2nd Forum in China (15 May 2017).

2019 Polynesian Leaders Group meeting in American Samoa (25 June 2018).

2019 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): 19th SCO Summit in Kyrgyzstan (10 June 2018).

2019 Netherlands: Flooding of Hedwige Polder (22 December 2012).


January 2019


1 Jan. Group of Seven (G7): France assumes annual chairmanship, succeeding Canada.

1 Jan. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Turkmenistan assumes rotating annual chairmanship from Tajikistan.

1 Jan. European Union (EU): Romania assumes presidency for a 6-month term, succeeding Austria (26 July 2016).

22-25 Jan. World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

30-31Jan. European Union (EU):  Defense ministers' informal meeting in Bucharest (19 January 2019).


5 Jan. Sri Lanka: Election of 225-seat Parliament (9 November 2018).

3-5 Jan. Germany Christian Social Union (CSU) Caucus at Seeon Monastery, Seeon-Seebruck, Chiemsee, Traunstein County, Bavaria.

5-6 Jan. Germany:  Free Democratic Party (FDP) Three Kings Day/Epiphany meeting in Stuttgart and Fellbach, B aden-Württemberg.

21 Jan. Philippines-Bangsamora Autonomous Region: Plebiscite on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) (18 January 2019).

February 2019


24-25 Feb. European Union (EU): 1st EU-Arab Summit in Egypt (18 October 2018).


3 Feb. El Salvador: Presidential election.

16 Feb. Nigeria: Election of 360-seat House of Representatives (10 March 2017).

16 Feb. Nigeria: Presidential election (10 March 2017).

24 Feb. Cuba: Popular referendum on draft constitution (22 December 2018).

24 Feb. Senegal: Presidential election.

24 Feb. Thailand: Election of 500-seat House of Representatives (Tentative 18 November 2018; election laws signed on 14 September 2018 mandate holding of elections between 24 February and 5 May 2019).

March 2019


March 2019 Central Asian Regional Summit to be held in Tashkent (15 March 2018).

9 Mar. European Union (EU): Completion of withdrawal of the United Kingdom.

15 Mar. Russia: European Union (EU) sanctions over threatening Ukraine territorial integrity expire (13 September 2018).

30 Mar. European Union (EU): Special summit of heads of state and government in Sibiu, Romania (Proposed on 13 September 2017).


2 Mar. Nigeria: Gubernatorial elections (10 March 2017).

24 Mar. Burkina Faso: Constitutional referendum.

24 Mar. Comoros: Presidential election (25 December 20128).

29 Mar. United Kingdom: Completion of withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

31 Mar. Presidential election.

April 2019


12-14 Apr. International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank Spring meeting in Washington DC.


Apr. 2019 Macedonia: Presidential election.

April 2019 Somaliland: Election of 82-seat House of Representatives.

9 Apr. Israel: Election of 120-seat Parliament (24 December 2018).

15 Apr. Sudan: Mandate for UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) expires (UNSC Resolution 2438 of 11 October 2018).

17 Apr. Indonesia: Election of 560-seat  House of Representatives.

17 Apr. Indonesia: Election of 132-seat  Regional Representative Council.

17 Apr. Indonesia: Presidential election.

18 Apr. Algeria: Presidential elections (19 January 2019).

21 Apr. Comoros: 2nd round of presidential election, if needed (25 December 2018).

30 Apr. Japan: Abdication of Emperor (1 December 2017).

30 Apr. Western Sahara/SDAR: Mandate for UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) expires (UNSC Resolution 2440 of 31 October 2018).


May 2019


9 May European Union (EU): European Council meeting in Sibiu, Romania.

23-26 May European Union: Election of 750-seat European Parliament.


May 2019 Australia: Election of 150-seat House of Representatives (possibly 11 or 18 May; 9 December 2018).

May 2019 Chad: Election of 155-seat National Assembly (Postponed from 30 November 2018 on 13 November 2018;1 May 2018).

May 2019 South Africa: Election of 400-seat National Assembly.

May 2019 South Africa: Presidential election by the National Assembly.

1 May Japan: Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the throne (30 March 2018).

15 May Sudan South Sudan: Mandate of UN Interim Security Force in Abyei (UNISFA) expires (UNSC Resolution 2445 of 5 November 2018).

19 May Switzerland: Public referenda.

21 May Malawi: Presidential election.

21 May Malawi: Election of 193-seat National Assembly.

26  May Belgium: Election of 150-seat Chamber of Deputies.

26 May Germany: Election of 83-seat state legislature (Bürgerschaft) of Bremen.


June 2019


June European Union (EU): Opening of accession talks with Albania and Macedonia (26 June 2018).

28-29 June Group of Twenty (G20) 14th Summit to be held in Osaka, Japan (1 December 2018).


June Guatemala: Election of 158-seat Congress of the Republic.

June Guatemala: Presidential election.

15 June Papua New Guinea: Bougainville to hold referendum on self-determination (23 May 2016).

30 June Syria: Mandate for UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) expires (UNSC Resolution 2450 of 21 December 2018).


July 2019


1 July European Union (EU): Finland assumes presidency for a 6-month term, succeeding Romania (26 July 2016).


20 July Afghanistan: Presidential election (Delayed from 20 April 2019 on 30 December 2018).

August 2019




31 Aug. Lebanon: Mandate for UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) expires (UNSC Resolution 2433 of 30 August 2018).

31 Aug. Mali: UN sanctions end (UNSC Resolution 2432 of 30 August 2016).


September 2019




1 Sep. Germany: Election of 88-seat state legislature (Landtag) of Brandenburg.

1 Sep.  Germany: Election of 132-seat state legislature (Landtag) of Saxony/Sachsen.

15 Sep. Libya: Mandate for UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) expires (UNSC Resolution 2434 of 13 September 2018).

25 Sep. Colombia:  Mandate for UN Verification Mission in Colombia expires (UNSC Resolution 2435 of 13 September 2018).

30 Sep. Niger: Mandate for Panel of Experts expires (UNSC Resolution 2432 of 30 August 2016).



October 2019



Oct. 2019 Bolivia: Presidential election.

Oct. 2019 Bolivia: Election of 130-seat Chamber of Deputies.

Oct. 2019 Botswana: Presidential election.

Oct. 2019 Botswana: Election of 63-seat National Assembly.

Oct. 2019 Poland: Election of 460-seat Diet.

Oct. 2019 Cameroon: Election of 180-seat National Assembly (Postponed on 2 July 2018 to October 2019 from 29 October 2018).

3 Oct. Libya: Authorization for UN member states to assist Libyan government in ending smuggling and human trafficking off the coast of Libya (UNSC Resolution 2437 of 3 October 2018).

15 Oct. Mozambique: Election of 250-seat Assembly of the Republic (11 April 2018).

15 Oct. Mozambique: Presidential election (11 April 2018).

20 Oct. Switzerland: Election of 200-seat National Council and 46-seat Council of States.

22 Oct. Japan: Enthronement of Emperor Naruhito (30 March 2018).

27 Oct. Germany: Election of 88-seat state legislature (Landtag) of Thuringia/Thüringen.

27 Oct. Haiti: Election of 112-seat Chamber of Deputies.

27 Oct.  Ukraine: Election of 423 members of 450-seat Supreme Council.

November 2019




15 Nov. Central African Republic (CAR): Mandate of UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSCA) expires (UNSC Resolution 2448 of 13 December 2018).

December 2019



Dec. 2019 Tunisia: Election of 217-seat Assembly of the Representatives of the People.

Dec. 22019: Tunisia: Presidential election.


2020 United Nations (UN): Review Conference of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

2020 United Nations (UN): Kyoto climate change successor to take effect (25 November 2013).

2020 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Annual Economic Leaders' Meeting in Malaysia.

2020 Asia: Removal of all trade barriers in Asia by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group.

2020 Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Saudi Arabia.

2020 European Union (EU): Ukraine planning to apply for membership (25 September 2014).

2020 Ghana: Presidential election (23 August 2018).

2020 or later Korea (ROK): Government to assume wartime operational control from the South Korea-US Combined Forces (2 November 2015).

2020 Kyrgyzstan: Election of 120-seat Supreme Council.

2020 Sudan: Presidential election.

2020 Tajikistan: Presidential election.

July China-Russia: Expiration of friendship treaty if either party requests termination by July 2020, otherwise treaty will automatically continue until July 2026.


January 2020

1 Jan. European Union (EU): Croatia assumes presidency for a 6-month term, succeeding Finland (26 July 2016).

10 Jan. Syria: Authorization for UN humanitarian organizations to use routes across conflict lines and border crossings expires (UNSC Resolution 2449 of 13 december 2018).

February 2020

15 Feb. Libya: Authorization extended for inspection of vessels with crude oil leaving Libya, asset freeze and travel ban, and mandate of Panel of Experts (UNSC Resolution 2441 of 5 November 2018).

April 2020

1 Apr.  United States of America: Start of decennial census. 

June 2020

14 June Kosovo: Mandate of EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) expires (Council action of 8 June 2018).


September 2020

30 Sep. Niger: European Union (EU) mandate for EUCAP Sahel Niger expires (19 September 2018).



December 2020

31 Dec. European Union (EU): Brexit transition period ends (Tentative).


2021 International Monetary Fund (IMF): Annual meeting of IMF and World Bank in Morocco (25 April 2018).

2021 Cuba: 8th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).

2021 Kazakhstan: Election of 107-seat Assembly (16 March 2017).

2021 Syria: Presidential election.

2021 Uganda: Presidential election.

2021 Zambia: Presidential elections.

January 2021

1 Jan. European Union (EU): Free trade deal with the United Kingdom takes effect (Tentative).

21 Jan. Portugal: Presidential election (Tentative).

August 2021

12 Aug. South Sudan: Term of Transitional State Legislative Assembly expires (12 July 2018).

12 Aug. South Sudan: Presidential term of office expires (12 July 2018).

September 2021

30 Sep. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): Second term of Secretary General ends (12 December 2017).

November 2021

8-14 Nov. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Annual Economic Leaders' Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand (15 August 2017).

December 2021

31 Dec. United Nations (UN): First term of Secretary General ends.

31 Dec. United Nations (UN): Authorization for the UN Counterterrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) expires (UNSC Resolution 2395 of 21 December 2017).



2022 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Annual Economic Leaders' Meeting in Thailand.

2022 Germany: Planned decommission of nuclear power plants (31 May 2011).

2022 Turkmenistan: General population and housing census (20 October2017).



2023 Switzerland: Candidacy for non-permanent membership of UN Security Council (UNSC) for 2023-2024 (Declared on 12 January 2011).



 2024 International: Afghanistan-USA security assistance treaty to expire.



August 2033

Aug. 2033 Palau-USA: Expiration of defense treaty.



2034 Switzerland: Planned decommission of nuclear power plants (25 May 2011).



2040 Bermuda-USA: Expiration of 1941 lease of naval and air bases.



2041 Antarctica: Review of Antarctica Treaty which expires on 23 June 2041.



2042 Brazil: Population to reach 228 million (29 August 2013).



2044 Russia: Expiration of 1995 lease of military base in Gyumri, Armenia (Extended from 25 to 49 years on 20 August 2010).



2050 United Nations (UN): World population over 60 years of age will rise to two billion (Estimated in April 2002).



2063 Tajikistan: Agreement of use of military base at Kulob, Khatlon Province, by Russia expires in 2063 unless renewed. Extended for 49 years after expiration in 2014.



(Date) Date of announcement or reporting.

UNSC United Nations Security Council

Entries added or changed during the current month are shown in bold face.

·  Canceled, delayed, postponed, or suspended.



Sources: United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) (www.electionguide.org), Inter-Parliamentary Union PARLINE (www.ipu.org), international organizations, national governments and election commissions, Electoral Calendar (www.mherrera.org), IO database.