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About Us



The International Observer & Record, published since 1969, is a monthly report on global and country developments and government affairs.

We  observe and record

  • Global and international developments
  • Natural and climate changes and polar protection
  • Accidental and planned use of weapons of mass destruction
  • Humanitarian emergencies and human rights
  • Countries: Domestic conditions and internal situation
  • Elections
  • Government changes
  • Cabinet and ministerial changes
  • National leadership
  • Legislatures
  • Political parties
  • Conflicts and situations of concern

Issues include government personnel changes, election results and new source material. Indexed annually.

Selected reference aids and documentation, including country and political fact sheets,  directories of key government officials, and policy statements complement our issues.

ISSN 1061-0324
Current volume: 41 (2022)
Subscription price: $390.00/year worldwide.

Global Survey

Issued since 1969, Global Survey publishes information, documentation, and reference on countries, governments, and organizations, including annual aids:

  • regional and country background
  • profiles of militant and revolutionary organizations
  • glossaries of abbreviations and terminology
  • lists of contacts in international study centers
ISSN 1075-4644